Meet The Pour Party Team

Kyla Donkersgoed


Kyla brings her background in branding, print, web and graphic design as well as a lifetime of love affairs with art and creativity to the team at the Pour Party. One this is for sure, this girl CARES!

Shelley Bencharski


Shelley is a hard-hustling seasoned entrepreneur who's creative ideas and love for Facebook Live have brought us to this happy place in time.

What We Care About

We care about community, we care about giving back, we care about you.



You may or may not know, but Shelley and I started this company less to create beautiful art pieces (though of course we do that too!). Our main goal is to build a community. We saw art as a conduit for creating meaning in our lives and inspiring a wee bit of change for the better. That is why we give you the opportunity to choose a meaning for your piece, and why we are dedicated to donating a portion of every sale to charities you care about. We want each pour to be an experience of healing and giving of life - in some form! We thank you for being a part of this with us! 



Our Message To You

We may not know you personally, perhaps we will come to as you tune in to our Pour Parties and we grow as a community - but what we do know is no matter what -- you are awesome. You are lovely. You are caring - deeply - about so many things. Every time you lash out or beat yourself up, or jump for joy, or shed a tear (or 500), it's because you care, it's because something is important. It's because something MATTERS. And THAT is beautiful. That is what makes you beautiful. That is what makes you -- well, you.

So, here's to you! Thanks for bringing that uniqueness to us and being a part of our community.