Welcome to our Mega Gift Givers Program; where we give big discounts on bulk orders of our beautiful custom pour art pieces. It's the perfect give to celebrate milestones like buying a new home or tying the knot!

If you're a...


Mortgage broker

wedding professional

Or anyone who gives a lot of gifts and is sick of boring gift cards or flowers that die...

...start giving the gift of...

We create each custom piece live on Facebook as your giftee watches and enjoys the experience!


They choose their colours


We've got 30 paint colours to choose from! They can pick your own or opt for one of our designer palettes!


They create a



It could be a goal they'd like to accomplish, a mantra, or a commemoration of moving into their new home. We will write this on their canvas before the pour!  The phrase is covered over with paint and remains a hidden symbol as part of the experience in creating meaning for each piece.


They watch as we make it on Facebook - LIVE!


They book a date and tune in on Facebook Live! We will pour their painting they watch and engage! 

Give them a reason to talk about you to all their friends...

Having a painting made with the Pour Party is an experience. When your giftee hangs that painting on their wall they will have a story to tell that's beyond a trip to the mall or steakhouse. People get excited about being involved in their painting's creation and the meaning it holds! And, as the giver, YOU will be a part of that story each time they share!



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