Dig deep with this moody yet vibrant palette; a bold and beautiful reminder of the intention you have set for this piece.





     -12 inch canvas - $79 USD

     -17 inch canvas - $139 USD



3/4 inch thick high quality MDF canvas with wall hanging notch, poured onto with high quality acrylics paint + primer, finished with eco-resin resulting in a long lasting professional art piece for display in your home, office, or any other location. 


To see more information 'How it Works' and our refund policy please refer to the section below (mobile) or to the right of the screen (desktop).


Set your Intention - Phrase Options

If you haven't seen our 'How it Works' section on the homepage yet, here's the skinny:


Purchasing this product is step 1, but your painting isn't created quite yet! We want you to be in on the fun -- along with a merry group of other partiers!


Once we receive your order you will be sent a link to schedule your pour date. 


On this date, head to our Facebook page where we will be pumping out the pours live! If you haven't done this before, don't worry! We will send you instructions on how to tune in.


We will share stories, and support each other as we party and 'Pour with Intention'. The phrase you choose will be written on the canvas before we pour. Then we mix up your chosen colours and watch as they flow in their own unique patterns over the piece. 


Feel free to prepare yourself with snacks and bevvies and a few friends! Anyone is welcome to tune in whether or not they've got a pour in the pot ;).


Please note we want our community to be a safe space for all. As such we will not tolerate racist, bigoted, sexist or hateful remarks of any kind. We reserve the right to refuse purchase at our discretion for any orders that contain such content. We are, however, ok with purposeful curse words if you feel they add, meaning, power or force to your canvas phrase. We also reserve the right to remove any persons from our live Pour Party events for conduct which is disrepectful, hurtful, or demeaning to other partiers. We will be vigilant with this! 


Some Finer Details:

All colours and palette arrangements are the design property of The Pour Party. The Pour Party reserves the right to use any arrangement of colours in the future creation of designer palettes or for any other purpose. The Pour Party also reserves the right to use imagery of any of the pieces poured during a Pour Party event in their advertising or the promotion of future designer palettes.


The Pour Party WILL share your first name and story provided unless you express otherwise. The Pour Party will NOT share any other personal information without your consent.