Refund Policy

We understand that it can be a tad scary and vulnerable to put your hard earned dollars towards something to which the results could be unexpected. 


To help with any trepidation, after we pour your piece of Facebook Live,  we will offer you the option to make a tweak and add some more colour. Just make sure to tune in and comment when we prompt you after your pour. Hooray!


If you still aren't satisfied, we totally get it. We've chosen to provide a product that is a tad unpredictable. The only thing we want in the world is for you to be over the moon and have enjoyed your experience. Simply DM (direct message) or email us within 24hrs of the event and we will happily repour your canvas at a future party for $15(12inch) or $20(17inch). After 24hrs we will have begun finishing your piece with resin and repours will be unavailable.


If you are excited about The Pour Party but still aren't sure about this element - tune in to a few parties before you order. They are free to watch! This might help you develop a sense of what to expect.


Unfortunately, we can't give refunds. We hope you understand!